Day 103 – Government & Schools

Whilst we are changing school system, and filling our teachers, managers and bureaucrats’ time with all the major planning and execution necessary…do you think tthat central government will stop issuing education edicts, alterations to the curriculum, circulars, guidance notes…?

Of course they won’t…

They might even ditch the whole National Curriculum…who knows?

And while our teachers are struggling to cope with the demands of change management, what will happen to their focus on the examination groups in Years 10-13? Do you think they might be distracted from their main role?

Yes, so do we. And maybe that is one of the reasons why results have plummeted in Northampton after the change in 2005.

One of the most sensible comments of the whole campaign from a retired governor who said “One of the things that teachers and pupils need is a period of stability”. Then they will have the time to make things work.

Indeed – change can be good – but not when it is this ill-thought through both educationally and financially.

The more we look into this, the more the whole thing is a complete nonsense.


One Response to Day 103 – Government & Schools

  1. River Song says:

    Very interesting. I understand that at the same time as this chnage will be happening, teachers in the new secondary schools will be dealing with: changes to the GCSE, pupils in compulsory education until 18, huge numbers of children transferring to a new school at the same time and many teachers teaching new year groups for the first time – some in schools they are new to. In the middle of all this chaos are our children.

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