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Middle Schools’ Action Group
The 2009 Bedford Borough Middle Schools campaign against the change to 2-tier

Bedford Borough Council
Link to lots of useful information hidden on a bureaucratic website

Bedford Borough Scrutiny Committee Minutes 13th May 2009
Some very interesting statements by the Mayor – worth a read

Bedfordshire School Structure
The campaign to save three tier education in 2006 – archive material.

Suffolk – Parents Against Change
The 2009 campaign to deselect Conservative councillors who voted for change to 2-tier in 2007

Standards Not Tiers
The Isle of Wight election campaign by locals wanting to oust councillors who voted for change to two-tier in 2008

Purbeck, Dorset
The campaign to remain three-tier in a highly successful Doreset pyramid of schools

Northumberland Education Action Group
The successful campaign to stop change to two tier in Northumberland

National Middle Schools’ Forum
The NMSF is the only organisation that represents the interests and aspirations of middle school headteachers, staff, pupils and governors. As “The Voice of Middle Schools” we have contacts with many national bodies such as QCA; TTA; Ofsted; House of Commons Select Committee (Education) and, of course, LEAs both inside and outside the U.K.

Nadine Dorries – The Blog
Nadine has threads running about three into two won’t go. Why not go and contribute?

A fantastic repository of information and resources for dads (and dadds)

The Electoral Commission
How to register a political party – useful for SMS in the future perhaps – doesn’t look too difficult or expensive either…


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