Day 102 – The State of the Nation

Opening up the Sunday newspaper yesterday revealed a tale of doom and gloom.

The Conservatives, should they gain power next May or June) are considering raising VAT to 20% because they can’t identify sufficient cuts in spending to even attempt to balance the country’s books.

The Conservatives. Raising taxes. As an election promise.

Blimey. It is bad isn’t it. The country is in such a woeful financial state, that the unthinkable is happening.

Unfortunately, that is precisely what may happen in the immediate aftermath of a mid-2010 election – the unthinkable. Public spending will be uder immense pressure and already-promised funds will be being cut. Remember, BSF is not guaranteed, but “allocated” from future Government spending plans, should funds be available.

It doesn’t matter what PfS say; it doesn’t matter what the DCSF say. What really matters is if their political bosses decide to make swingeing cuts.

If SMS were gamblers, we’d put money on just that – cuts, cuts, cuts. And then, our school system change will start to look distinctly dodgy; yesterday’s plan; going off; a bit whiffy.

This is an impending disaster that we only hope that councillors can foresee – otherwise they will be responsible for financial chaos in Bedford Borough after their first major decision as a Unitary Authority.</em

2 Responses to Day 102 – The State of the Nation

  1. Sally says:

    Some of us are old enough to remember the last lot of Tory cuts…it’s really not so unthinkable.

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