Day 123 – More Government Cuts

Taken from the Guardian on Saturday 29th August.

The government is preparing to cut spending on its flagship academy programme, with schools’ sponsors told to expect a reduction in funding for each new academy school as soon as next year.

Academy leaders have been told to brace themselves for tighter spending from 2010 in the first admission that the government is preparing to reduce its spending in some areas of education.

Every day we hear more stories about future cuts in government spending on schools. It is inconceivable that Building Schools for the Future funding will be left untouched by the financial chaos the country is now in.

What is more worrying for Bedford Borough though, is that the BSF money only covers the 7 upper schools & Lincroft 11-16. The transformation of the 50 or so lower schools to primary schools are being funded out of thin air, in a feat of prestidigitation…

…or rather from the schools’ own budgets, as revealed by Cllr Headley during the summer holidays…more on this tomorrow…


2 Responses to Day 123 – More Government Cuts

  1. River Song says:

    Oh this is very worrying! Just think about your local Lower school and try to estimate the cost of turning it into a primary school. Well that amount of money, clearly will not be available. Then try to imagine some of the ways in which money will be saved. I see school closures, particularly small rural lower schools. I see the children caught in the middle of this experiencing a second class education. Compare their expereinces to what they have now!

  2. KDev says:

    Yesterday JamesD pointed out the difference each school in Bedford received per pupil compared to the England Average in 2008. In 2008 it was £197 I gather in 2009 it was £220 in Bedford Borough and the Council Officers are expecting to increase the quality of education and the attainment of our children by making even more cuts in the annual grant to schools. There is no evidence to support the case that a change to 2-tier will increase attainment, there is overwhelming evidence that reducing resources reduces the quantity of education and the success of pupils. What is the true agenda of Bedford Borough Council Officers?

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