Day 116 – Underdogs

Everyone loves an underdog.

Maybe it started with the puny David lining up against the seemingly invincible Goliath? A bloodbath seemed the only logical conclusion, until David revealed his superior weaponry, but I’m sure all the cheers were for David right from the start.

It must be part of human nature, to support the plucky loser, the spirited campaign which must be doomed to failure. Except when it doesn’t fail. Like when Burnley beat Manchester United or England regain the Ashes (hurrah!).

When SMS began (over that now infamous glass or two of wine) both of us felt that we would lose but that we were going to fight anyway, backs to the walls, until the proverbial larger lady had voiced her last note. How could we compete with the might of Bedford’s bureaucracy, the political will of important local politicians, with the manipulation of public opinion that was taking place?

A lot of words have been written on this blog since then, thirty thousand hits have been recorded, with nine thousand signatures on our paper petition and 1100 on our online petition. We have been out on the streets judging public opinion, talked to parents in all parts of Bedford Borough, established communications with the media, engaged with local politicians, and fought for the right to be heard.

We have won a lot of battles; we may still lose the war. But we all still have the stomach for a fight, and that is what we shall continue to do.


One Response to Day 116 – Underdogs

  1. Nick Seaton says:

    Very sorry you didn’t win last night but many congratulations on your efforts – you couldn’t have done more.
    The link below may be of interest?
    Anyone can comment and/or use a ‘pen-name’ if you wish?

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