Day 113 – TINA

In the days of swingeing Conservative cuts to public services after Labour had wrecked the public finances….and no, we’re talking the past not the future here…back in the 80s. You know the sort of country we lived in, with rising unemployment, the threat of terrorism, England losing at cricket…oh well, plus ca change

In those days, there was an acronym Margaret Thatcher used with seemingly alarming regularity – TINA – There Is No Alternative (it referred to the neoliberalist economic policies of free markets, free trade and capitalist globalisation, apparently, but thank goodness this blog doesn’t have to debate neoliberalism).

SMS has heard that phrase (TINA, not neoliberalism!) behind many of the public pronouncements of the bureaucrats and manipulators who still believe in the dogma of two-tier. It is actually a shrill and desperate form of intellectual argument, indicating that these people have run out of ideas and this must be the only way forward.


To persuade yourselves that you are right and the overwhelming majority of people in Bedford are wrong is a sign that power has changed you; that you have descended from the young, fresh-thinking visionary, to the world-weary cynic.

It happens to all leaders eventually of whichever political hue and is certainly true in the business world or indeed any other organisation as well. That is why power corrupts and leaders inevitably fall either on their own swords or by the hand of others.

There is an alternative in Bedford. The alternative is to enhance and develop the much-loved three-tier education system, to build new schools where they are needed and to refurbish existing schools with facilities fit for the next 50 years. This is both educationally sound and financially prudent. That is why SMS calls for:

Evolution not Revolution


One Response to Day 113 – TINA

  1. JamesD says:

    The problem is that “Evolution” does not look so good on a CV.

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