Day 110 – Polls and Votes

When is a vote not a vote? When you lose it, that’s when…

Martin Fletcher’s Hastingsbury poll was taken down yesterday and, whilst SMS has ridiculed this in the past for very good reasons (it allowed multiple voting from the same computer), it did show 71.1% of votes in favour of retaining three-tier education, a figure broadly in line with our experiences of campaigning on the streets of Bedford on this issue.

SMS wonders whether the public “vote” during the recent consultation process was for three-tier? It always has been in every authority that has ever conducted this type of review and was strongly in favour of retention in 2006. Considering the strength of feeling SMS has encountered, the vote would lack authenticity and not have the “ring of truth” about it should it be in favour of two-tier.

This is why, should the “vote” be in the other direction, SMS will work tirelessly to discover if there has been any unusual or misleading voting patterns in order to sway councillors’ opinions on this.

Interesting things, votes…every one counts…except when you lose…

5 Responses to Day 110 – Polls and Votes

  1. Colin Mosedale says:

    Chris Hilliard wrote to us on 5th August emphasising that the on-line Consultation responses were after all “not a vote” – I’m still struggling to come to terms with that comment. I wonder what CH might make of the on-line petition for 2 tier launched by Mike Berrill on 23 July and announced in the BOS in the letters column. This petition will also be delivered to the Council offices and rightly so. To date, 60 signatures have been collected.

  2. Paul Whitehead says:

    It looks as though everyone in Bedford will have chance to really vote on this issue now.
    We will have an election for Mayor some time in the autumn and the future of our schools should, rightly, be the main issue. It’s a complex and divisive issue, but I hope the voters have a clear choice between candidates who favour making the status quo work and those who want to lead us off into the unknown and massive upheaval. It’s time this issue was debated fully, openly and properly so that the people can give their definitive judgement. This will be the most important election Bedford has faced for a generation.

  3. I V Djugashvili says:

    All votes have to reflect the wishes of their masters, or have your apparatchiks not learned their profession?

  4. JamesD says:

    Is it not time to use the FOI act to make sure that the Officers’ report reflects the public response?

  5. River Song says:

    I predict in this non consultation exercise, that some votes will be “more important” than others. By this I mean the votes of heads of uppers and lowers who, for their own self centered reasons, voted for change will be held up as evidence that chnage is necessary. The overwhelming support of parents for three tier education, parents who have listened to the arguments and are concerned about the eduaction of their children, their votes will be seen as less important. We just won’t do as we are told!

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