Day 106 (ii) – Frank Branston

Frank Branston, who died today, was a man who served the people of Bedford for many years as an opinion former, journalist, local businessman and entrepreneur, and politician.

Whilst this blog did not agree with Frank’s opinions on the schools debate, and many robust conversations in print were had on this subject, this is the time to remember the positive contribution he made to Bedford.

We should also be mindful that Frank has family and friends who will grieve for him, and that they should be allowed space and time to do just that, although inevitably this will be difficult for them in the coming weeks.

So, raise a glass to celebrate the life of a man who was indeed larger than life, and remember Frank’s good points – for that is something that everyone deserves at the end of their time on this earth.

This blog will also be closed for a day or two as a mark of respect.


One Response to Day 106 (ii) – Frank Branston

  1. jonathan parsons says:

    all though i have had more than onece crossed swords with frank in the past months i to will say rest in peace and my respects to him

    jonathan parsons

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