Day 106 – The Irony of “Luddites vs Fantasists”

One very interesting aspect of the two-tier lobby’s campaign is their enthusiasm to have SMS portrayed as opposed to change and therefore stuck in the past – Luddites who don’t want these new-fangled ideas brought in – romantics remembering falsely a golden age of education in Bedford.

Of course, intelligent readers of this blog (all of you of course !) will see that as an attempt to discredit the people not the arguments, and indeed, once debate is reduced to this level, then intellectual engagement has been lost.

The Luddites were a group of textile workers who opposed progression during the Industrial Revolution often by destroying mechanised looms. They did this because they believed their jobs and way of life would be under threat.

Schools systems are not the same as mechanisation of industrial processes. Many different systems of education exist around the world and nobody agrees on what is best.

What is generally accepted is that change within a child’s education is disruptive and that the more change and disruption there is, the more likely that child is to have an impoverished education. Stability is critical. So why create chaos for a generation of children by this change then?

Ironically, the two-change lobby believe that the current system is too disruptive, involving two changes of school not one – never mind the alternative view that two well-managed transitions can be better than one harsh move – never mind that there is no evidence that one transition is better than two in terms of narrow results – never mind that no recent upper school Ofsted reports indicate issues with transition.

So, again ironically, SMS would say that those who believe (based on no evidence whatsoever) that two-tier will produce a step-change in education in Bedford Borough, are fantasists, dreamers, believers in future perfect.

But listen to the arguments being put forward, not the positions of the people who say them (especially when they have vested interests), nor when they make personal attacks on others…(which of course just adds to the irony of today’s blog)

Educationally this is wrong; financially this is terrible; oppose the change


One Response to Day 106 – The Irony of “Luddites vs Fantasists”

  1. JamesD says:

    Many, if not the majority, of National and Local government major projects end up in vast cost and time overruns. After the political point scoring the inevitable inquiry shows that officials have been out of their depth, so optimistic as to be absurd and to have taken and hidden risks to keep the project running and their careers intact. Decisions are not “evidence based”, cost –effectiveness is not a priority and practical outcomes are ignored in preference to political gains. Hide the true costs in future estimates, use one -sided opinion to overcome evidence and use the most optimistic of forecasts to confuse the public. It is the combination of the politicians will to have their own preference proved right and the recruitment of officials on the basis of meeting their “masters” wishes at all costs that is so dangerous to sensible decision making.
    Does this sound familiar in Bedford Borough?

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