Day 105 – Better Late Than Never

An evening edition of the blog today…it was just too nice a day to sit around on a computer…

…and just a simple one today:

How many of those that are proposing a switch to two tier education have children who will be affected by the decision?

How many of those with school aged children (younger than Year 9 now) have them educated privately or in neighbouring counties?

It’s very easy to make decisions that affect other people’s children negatively and your own careers or positions positively…


2 Responses to Day 105 – Better Late Than Never

  1. KDev says:

    Stavros in yesterdays blog gave one view of education – cost. Fewer larger schools and fewer less experienced staff is proper care of public money. Like all of the supporters of 2-tier he/she has missed the point of cost effective use of public money. You can buy the best biggest car on the market but if you cannot afford to fuel it then its EFFECTIVENESS is zero. This is what we are facing in Bedford Borough – capital spending of half a billion pounds on Secondary and Primary schools and a huge cut in annual direct grant to run the schools to fund the borrowing. Given adequate school facilities it is the annual spending per pupil that is related to their success at GCSE. Our Statistical Neighbours spend more per year than Bedford and their results are better. Changing to 2-tier is worse than irrelevant to the attainment of our pupils and unless Bedford Borough is prepared to spend MORE per year on running the education of Bedford’s children it will be robbing them of the attainment and life chances they deserve.

  2. Stavros says:

    Perhaps I did not put my view clearly yesterday. What I meant was that the Council would like to see savings in the long term by only having two headteachers etc and that if they could use government money to do this that would be great. I do not believe that is in the best interests of the schools or the children. Parents clearly do not believe that larger schools equals a better education – but the authority thinks that it will save money.

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