Day 101 – Wasting Public Money

A sunny day in Bedford yesterday as SMS collected more signatures in the sun. There were many others out there too – including the Borough’s official Bedford Bypass petition, which some of us signed.

The Borough had obviously spent a lot of money on their stand and associated literature and were paying the staff manning it overtime. A bit like SMS then…lol.

It was interesting that there were quite a few opponents to the Borough’s bypass who were quite vocal about issue such as environmentalism, building roads through green fields, discouraging car use etc.

However, the Borough still uses public money to fund a petition…

Not sure we agree with public money being used in this way, although personally we might agree with the cause and be prepared to sign…

Sounds a bit like spending £60K plus officials’ time (which is very expensive and likely to be at least as much again) on the flawed non-consultation exercise…which may end up with the imposition of a system change that the majority certainly doesn’t want.

What a waste of public money


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