Day 87 – Bullies

Some of us at SMS were bullied at school…(yeah, I know, it all makes sense now)…but we got through it without too much damage…and one thing we learned to do was to face up to bullies by showing courage.

It takes many kinds of courage to be part of a campaign going against the obvious wishes of bureaucrats, politicians and most of the senior educational establishment in these parts.

The sort of people that are showing those kinds of courage were on the streets of Bedford Town Centre yesterday, talking to ordinary people, mums and dads, taxpayers and voters.

The sort of people collecting signatures were people who have never done this sort of thing before but who are committed to education – the sort of people that schools need desperately to stay engaged and be school governors, parent-teacher liaison, fundraisers.

Another 600 signatures were obtained in one day, to add to the 8000 or so that were handed in on Friday to Brian Glover in the Mayor’s absence.

We are still collecting signatures with a target of over 10000 now and if any of our new (or old) readers would like to help our cause please contact us at

If even more of us show courage, then we can stand up to the bullying approach of people who say “they know best”.

Contact your local councillor to let them know how you feel today.


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