Day 82 – Education in Bedford Borough

The main reason given for change is that educational standards are not sufficiently high, but that these will improve if we change to two-tier.

This is of course nonsense and an argument favoured by salesmen the world over – “Is there something wrong with your life? Buy X and all will be well again”.

Never believe anyone who presents simple solutions to complex problems, especially when there is absolutely no evidence to link educational standards to school structures.

This blog has reported on statistics many times previously – myths associated with GCSE results, KS1 SATs, transition effects, etc – you can use the search box on the right hand side of the page to refresh your memory of these or other linked blogs.

Even if you don’t believe SMS that the statistics presented in the consultation document are one-sided, misleading and inaccurate, you should still be aware that there is no evidence that switching to two-tier will make anything any better.

All the evidence points to the process of change being very painful for children, schools and communities – see Northampton for a critical example.

Councillors should be aware that the first major decision they make over Education in Bedford will mean they are remembered for chaotic and disorganised change.

SMS say that there will not be any gain from change (apart from revitalising the local building economy of course) and that the “gain” is not worth the pain.



2 Responses to Day 82 – Education in Bedford Borough

  1. I V Dzhugashvili says:

    It so pleasing to see that the apparatchiks of Bedford Borough are still following my values:
    The honeyed words to the public – “Middle school teachers will remain; there will be no disruption to your children’s education. We need just as many teachers in 2-Tier as in 3-Tier, posts will be agreed and “ring fenced” for middle school teachers in Secondary and Primary Schools.”
    The reality at recent HR briefing to teachers – “We may chose a post for you somewhere in some school in Bedford Borough and if you refuse this offer it will be taken as resignation!” That means no choice, no redundancy …… . They will leave in droves and we will save all that money! Who cares about the children!

  2. JamesD says:

    In our Statistical Neighbours, so beloved by the Council Officers, there does appear to be a link between educational standards and school structures. But not one that they dare admit to!
    6 of our Statistical Neighbours that all have better %GCSE results than Bedford Borough have SELECTIVE schools.
    On the other hand they also spend more money per pupil per year on education!

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