Day 79 – Meeting Councillors

Frank Branston confirmed yesterday that his informal debate between the proponents of two tier and those from the three tier side is likely to take place on Thursday September 3rd.

He wants to have 2 or 3 people from each side “on the panel”. However, no format for this debate has been given, nor how much time each side will be given to present, indeed if we are allowed to present formally at all.

The issues in this debate are complex and SMS wishes all councillors to be able to hear our side of the story in full. All we are asking is that the councillors listen to both sides of the story before they are given a chance to vote.

SMS therefore yesterday emailed all 31 councillors who have working email addresses (we’ll write to the other 5) to request a meeting with them in the period Monday July 27th to Friday August 14th – 3 weeks.

We have suggested that we meet with them in groups and in the evening, although we are willing to compromise and fit in with their schedules.

Some councillors, of course, are currently away on holiday or business, but we are expecting most responses within the next week.

To help everyone know the state of play, we have added a tab to the main page now which lists the councillors’ responses and how they have responded to that request.

Some of them, of course, have heard SMS speak at one of the 11 open meetings we arranged or were invited to speak at and they are excused extra homework unless of course they really want to 😉

All we are asking is that we are heard.

Make sure you are heard and TAKE ACTION NOW.


2 Responses to Day 79 – Meeting Councillors

  1. Leodis says:

    Once again I congratulate SMS on lobbying for such an event to take place. It is just a shame that the mayor couldn’t find time in his busy schedule to hear the opposing arguments prior to the end of the consultation period.

    What is more concerning though is that the make up of the panel is to be defined by them in such a vague way. I also find it deeply concerning that one councillor has already stated to SMS that they will ONLY attend the debate with the mayor – I hope this is because they are unavailable for the next 6 weeks on every evening (!) rather than feeling that they do not wish to hear some of the more coherent views from parents who are in the middle of this situation.

  2. Colin Mosedale says:

    What exactly is the purpose now of this session, coming as it does AFTER the Consultation process closes? One of the reasons given for the the delay in calling this meeting is to allow for the analysis of the Consultation to be either complete or virtually complete. So will the output of this meeting be incorporated in the final Consultation document? If so, the Consultation deadline of 24 July does not now apply and the Council should concede it has been extended solely to allow for such input.

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