Day 73 – Rainbows

Today is Sunday, often a day of rest, a day to spend time with family and/or friends, or a day to recover alone.

Today is also both sunny and showery, a typical summer’s day in England in fact and maybe, just maybe there’ll be a rainbow later…

…and maybe that rainbow will have a pot of gold at the end of it, stored there by the intellectual leprechauns that have invented the fantasy about there being sufficient money available for the biggest capital project ever attempted in this neck of the woods…


Perhaps more realistically, instead of a pot of gold there will be an IOU from the current government, an IOU that is extremely unlikely to be honoured by the next government (of whichever hue)…

…especially considering the International Monetary Fund’s comments about the British economy reported today in the Sunday Telegraph and other newspapers…

Northampton attempted a wholesale change of school system without the requisite funding in place and its educational systems collapsed, and their results plummeted – they have the most schools on special measures and on notices to improve of any authority in the country.

The supporters of this damaging move to two-tier claim that they want to “transform” teaching and learning in Bedford Borough…

They certainly will transform it – into a complete mess.

TAKE ACTION to help stop this.

(PS this blog was brought to you by Zippy)


3 Responses to Day 73 – Rainbows

  1. sid says:

    Thanks for the rainbow story zippy. Lets hope that your zip is jammed open. We wouldn’t want anyone closing it. A concerned parent

  2. savemiddleschools says:

    I think we know a song about that…

    (showing his age)

  3. Alex Monaghan says:

    Maybe we can get one of the council officers to write a blog from Bungle 😉

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