Day 71 – Milestones

Yesterday we made it to 20,000 hits – unfortunately no Reward Points or Air Miles are forthcoming…

Thanks to all our regular readers, including our “opposition”, local politicians, the press, and the intelligent, amusing and thought-provoking contributions from “Fred Bagnall” and “William”. Without you, there wouldn’t be two sides of the debate being argued.

And that is what we would like to see from the Mayor now – the setting of a date when we can present our side of the argument to Full Council and allow councillors to make up their own minds.

We have never apologised for giving only one side of the story. This is the way mature debate happens. “This House believes that….” followed by the opposing view, both extreme,…and then the decision is made by rational, intelligent people about which view is closest to their own.

So if this is going to happen, SMS applauds the Mayor and asks its supporters now to lobby councillors calmly using the arguments detailed in this blog over the past 71 days…



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