Day 66 – Trust

Trust is part of living in social groups. If we lived in a constant state of distrust, then we wouldn’t be able to achieve anything. Conversely, being able to trust others means that we can create wonderful, exciting and creative collaborative ventures.

Mike Berrill (Principal of Biddenham International Sports College) said on Monday 29th June at Beauchamp that evidence for the change to two-tier would be difficult to produce either way (we agree, because there is no overwhelming evidence for change), that the decision isn’t really about evidence, and that we need to think “transformation” rather than “tinkering”.

In effect, Mike was asking us to trust him…and the other Heads…and the Local Authority…because they have a dream and we don’t…

Well actually we do have a dream…and it isn’t a fantasy of brand new shiny schools with shiny happy pupils…it is a nightmare of underfunded and chaotic change.

Many parents have lost trust in those with positions of responsibility in this debate, especially those in unelected positions of power who have been manipulating behind the scenes and unduly influencing the right to free speech.

The only hope we have left is that our elected representatives can see through this appalling non-consultation process and vote with the interests of their wards.

Contact your local councillors today to tell them what you think – and TAKE ACTION in other ways too by clicking on the tab above.


2 Responses to Day 66 – Trust

  1. I V Dzhugashvili says:

    Trust – what a wonderful word.
    I have to admire the manipulative skills of the apparatchiks in Bedfordshire: condition the masses – talk about Primary and Secondary schools 18 months before any announcement on reorganisation; only invite Upper Schools to BSF planning meetings; only invite Upper School Chairs of Governors to BSF training. Then give the Lower School Headteachers privileged briefings and promises that they will all survive the change with enhanced prestige and bigger schools. If that doesn’t work imply that anyone who speaks out can expect their school to close. Drive wedges in the opposition; promise a few that they will survive the revolution if they desert their trusting companions. Repeat the message – “Trust the leaders, we know what is best for you little people, we have the power” yet “Some School Governors just won’t do as they are told!”
    Trust me – it was easier to deal with that in my day but after the revolution…..

  2. JanesD says:

    “Trust me I’m an Education Officer” – The National Curriculum drives the change to 2-Tier or Does it?
    This week’s government White Paper, 21st Century Schools, marks a watershed in government policy for schools in England. The government has abandoned the national tests for 14 year-olds. They have even questioned the future of the tests at age 11, as they develop the “testing when ready” approach.
    The Schools Secretary, Ed Balls, has lifted the expectation that all schools had to follow the strictures of the National Strategies when they teach numeracy and literacy. Schools and teachers will be trusted more: trusted to devise their own curriculum, their own teaching styles, and their own forms of assessment.
    As an influential report from the management consultants McKinsey & Company concluded: “The quality of an education system cannot exceed the quality of its teachers”.
    This is signalling a new age for education policy. Don’t set Bedford Borough’s future in the past with a change to 2-Tier, listen to the parents /carers, look at the evidence. Don’t cause a huge outflow of experienced and outstanding Middle School teachers; it may take a decade for Bedford Schools to recover.

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