Day 64 – Restructuring

Thanks to all who came to Bromham Village Hall last night. After avoiding keep fit and weddings, we did pretty well to have an open debate with both sides represented in the discussion. We had opinions from parents, teachers and governors.

We have now run 10 public meetings, with a combined audience of around 750. The 6 council-run public meetings probably had about 1000 in the audience overall. Many schools have also run their own consultation meetings for parents with a variety of messages being conveyed. One individual who attended all 16 meetings decided last night that a beer was called for.

The blog also made it through the 17000 mark and I’m expecting the green shield stamps next week sometime…hopefully.


One important point that came out of last night’s discussions was the lack of any “revenue” budget for restructuring. This is critical as in big restructuring projects, revenue costs soar. We already know that the primary programme is underfunded and will have to be covered by borrowing.

We already know that the lower to primary switch would be underfunded, resulting in many schools not receiving sufficient money to build permanent classrooms, and certainly not replacing the facilities that middle schools provide.

We also know that schools will become building sites, with “Bob the Builder” being as ubiquitous as “Terri the Teacher” during the years of change.

This process could drag on for years – we all know that over-large public projects fail because they are too complex. In fact small projects fail for lots of reasons too.

If a change to two-tier goes ahead and begins to fail, the architects of this change can move jobs…our children will be stuck with chaos for the whole of their school careers.

Help us fight this damaging proposal by contacting your local councillor today.

3 Responses to Day 64 – Restructuring

  1. JamesD says:

    Last night I was talking to a Lower School teacher who had attended a Council HR meeting for Lower School staff. It seems that the message going out to Lower School staff is that Middle School teachers and TAs will only be employed in Primary Schools if they meet experience and cost criteria which will be set by the Primary School Heads and Governors. In addition, that Lower School teachers would keep their promoted posts regardless of the availability of more experienced Middle School staff. Is this the “ring fencing” of teaching posts promised by the Council Officers – or will it cause a huge out flow of Middle School staff even before any decision is made?

  2. Ed Thomas says:

    Could anyone explain to me why this school organisation review ever got started? Having spoken to a number of unitary employers from both sides, reliable sources inform me that key players in Central Bedfordshire are leaving, departments are disorganised and social services employees don’t know if they are coming or going.

    Central Bedfordshire are sharing Borough Hall (A. K. A the concrete carbuncle) at least three floors, as the newly built Chicksands is not big enough. Plans are afoot to buy back Russell house! If so please sort out the car parking!

    Are the services any better? But at least we have got lots of shiny new signs on mini-buses and libraries. I especially like the one outside Borough Hall, which reads:

    “Bedford Borough and Central Bedfordshire working together”, which should read “Working together in different directions”.

    Surely a consultation should have started once the basic services have been established.

    Could anyone explain to me why this school organisation review ever got started?, when the Borough Cabinet member for children’s services wasn’t even appointed? I feel sorry for the new cabinet member, who was one of the proposers of the Tory “rebels” motion to retain the 3 tier system last time in 2006. She informs things have changed since this time. You are right! Standards and attainment in schools are improving! You have a new high status job, a better salary and the school where you are a governor is the only middle school to stay open in the proposals!

    As a Conservative Councillor, I feel she needs to take on board the strong opinions of her party’s local MPs (pro three-tier), who have a very different view to hers.

    Could anyone explain to me why this school organisation review ever got started? Who exactly is going to read and collate the results of the consultation documents? Where is the independent body? The Mayor, himself, says he is an independent! This looks as fair as the trial of Edmund Blackadder after being accused of shooting speckled Jim!

    Could anyone explain to me why this school organisation review ever got started? Was the whole process clearly thought through? Clearly not! The Mayor has now changed his mind in who is going to make the decision. I quote yesterday’s T and C “My strong preference is for the decision to be made by a vote of the full council. If that is legally possible” Question – Why wasn’t this decided and investigated before the start of the consultation? Maybe Mr. Mayor, you thought nobody would notice!

    Where’s the mayor? It seems the mayor has the same opinion as Rhett Butler, when it comes to the public consultation meetings – “Frankly, my dear I don’t give a damn”. I say “Frankly, Frank I am not impressed!” I love the quote in yesterday’s T and C “because we have experts like Chris Hilliard”. If the mayor had been at the meeting at Mark Rutherford, then he would have heard his expert explain the advantages and disadvantages of the two systems from only his teaching experience and opinion, without providing any proven evidence or research.

    However, the only guarantee is Ed’s BSF, which stands for Bedford is Sinking Fast. Is Bedfordshire and Bedford Borough becoming a laughing stock amongst its statistical neighbours?

    ED, who is from Bedfordshire, not Bedford Borough or Central Bedfordshire, but when asked comes from Sunflower Valley to save the embarrassment!

    PS William, I don’t care! Keep up all the good work SMS!

    • I V Dzhugashvili says:

      I always believed in divide and rule and it is obvious that I have had many disciples in the Bedford Borough Education aperatchiks. Control the information sources to the people, keep decisions to a small caucus, stigmatise those that question, if bribery does not work use fear, match different propoganda to different groups, make them fight each other for their glorious future. Whoops – in the 21st century isn’t England a democracy?

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