Day 61 – Debate

Last night at Beauchamp Middle School, a calm, sensible, but open and honest debate was heard for the first time. Mike Berrill (Principal of Biddenham College) spoke of his vision for the future of his campus and for why we should embrace transformational change, and Tony Dadd spoke on behalf of the Save Middle Schools campaign.

We all agreed that we would like to gain BSF funding to improve Bedford Borough schools, that we would like to see a Full Council vote, and that a Judicial Review would mean that the money is lost.

We also agreed that everyone should fill in the consultation document and, whatever the outcome, everyone would need to collaborate fully to improve education in Bedford. We, of course, differed in the outcome we would like to see.

SMS is holding further meetings this week at Woodside Middle School (Tue 20 June at 7pm), Harrold Village Hall (Wed 1 July at 7pm) and Bromham Village Hall (Thu 2 July at 8:15pm). So far we have failed to find anyone as courageous as Mike to stand up and speak for two-tier, but would welcome offers, especially from Heads of upper or lower schools in favour of change.

Would it be too much to ask that the mayor attend one public meeting before the consultation period ends?

Come on Frank…come and debate with us…

2 Responses to Day 61 – Debate

  1. KDev says:

    A very positive meeting last night, with fair time and questions given to both 2-Tier and 3-Tier proponents. What a pity that the official public meetings were so one sided and that 3-Tier supporters had to fight so hard for their case to be put.
    The low points – Accusations of intimidation from those with power against those who had to struggle for free speech. Statements that we have to go with 2-Tier as there is now no time to prepare a 3-Tier plan. The call for Middle Schools to produce a 3-Tier plan and vision when it became apparent that most Middle School Heads have been deliberately excluded from BSF training and planning for the last 18 months.
    The high point was the obvious desire and commitment for schools in any structure to fully cooperate and provide a coherent education for the children of Bedford Borough.

  2. Leodis says:

    That last point KDev is key and has to my mind never been the issue! Everyone, regardless of current phase is committed to fully cooperating so the children in the borough do not lose out, whatever the outcome. What is disagreed on is the way in which the current proposal suggests it should be done.

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