Day 58 – Dear Phil

Yesterday we broke the 15000 hit barrier – thank you for all your supportive emails – and thank you for the less supportive ones too – all we want is an open and honest debate in public with both sides of the argument presented. That is what democracy is about…and on that note…

Here is an open letter from SMS to Phil Simpkins, Chief Executive of Bedford Borough and veteran of all 6 official consultation evenings (only a select few got the certificate!)

Dear Mr Simpkins,

As you are aware Bedford Borough Council’s decision whether its school system remains 3 tier or changes to 2 tier will be enormous and far reaching. It will impact on the Borough’s children, their families, the school staff, the tax payers, essentially on everyone living in the Borough in some way. Accordingly it is fundamental that the decision is made, and seen to be made, democratically.

At the consultation meeting at Mark Rutherford on 15 June the question was raised as to whether this vital decision will be made solely by the Executive or by the full Council. It was stated that legal advice was being sought on this issue. We write to enquire if the legal advice has now been received. If so what final decision has been reached? If you have been advised that the Borough legally has the discretion to choose the manner in which the decision is made please confirm this.

If the legal advice has not yet been received will you please advise when you anticipate you will receive it.

We are concerned that if this crucial decision is not put to a full council vote it will leave the Borough open to Judicial Review.

Save Middle Schools – the Parents’ Action Group Against Change

Next week we have 4 open meetings on Mon-Thu where we hope to present both sides of the debate, if someone from the opposition volunteers to speak…and why wouldn’t they?

Beauchamp 7pm Monday
Woodside 7pm Tuesday
Harrold Village Hall, 7pm Wednesday
Bromham Village Hall, 8:15 Thursday

Please come along and hear our presentation

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