Day 52 – The Y Chromosome

SMS has been known to use the words “Evolution not Revolution” to describe how we think school buildings should be upgraded gradually. This is financially prudent in these times of uncertainty and far less educationally disruptive – it even gives a chance for Bob the Builder to get children involved with the projects too!

Evolution provides the link to our Fathers’ Day blog through Genetics…

Fathers’ Day has been accused of being a commercial invention; where the card companies spotted a gap in their calendar; an excuse to buy the old man a pint and slap him on the back.

But, as a wise man once said…”Fathers’ Day is not about the presents….it’s about the presence”…being there for your children as a positive male role model.

This matters in schools too, where middle schools provide positive male role models aplenty. If we changed to two-tier, how many of our male middle school teachers would choose to work in primary? Maybe male middle school teachers reading this blog would like to comment on that. If SMS are right, then male influence would be reduced and in some cases eliminated until our children reached 11. How can this be a good thing? Oh well, at least Bob the Builder will show our children what the boys of the future are expected to do…

And now, this father is off to remind his children who is he…have a good day everyone, it’s going to be sunny I think…

By the way, here’s a great site for fathers – dadtalk – why not sign their pledge?


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