Day 45 – Friendship

Those who regularly blog on will know that Sundays are a day of reflection for SMS, where we ponder life. Thought for this Week is about Friendship.

Nobody can survive in life without friends of one form or another; they can provide emotional support, help us to see things from another perspective, or just allow us to “be ourselves”. A close friend will tell us when we are about to make a bad decision, or to tell us the home truths that acquaintances would be afraid to mention. Governors are instructed to act as the “Critical Friend” to their Heads and, although this is a difficult act to carry off, many are successful in doing so. But above all, friends are there so we can laugh and cry together, celebrate and commiserate, to live life to the full.

In business or politics (or even quasi-politics which is what some people in this strange world think that SMS constitutes) friendships are sometimes real and sometimes for the mutual benefit of the individuals involved. Political alliances, professional networks, the old school tie – these are all friendships in a sense, although occasionally they develop into close and meaningful personal connections.

Friendships can also cut across fundamental life views. In Parliament for example, it isn’t uncommon after a rowdy and frank exchange of views between opposing political hues, for the belligerents to pop off for a nice cup of tea or a glass of wine and chat about their families. Long may that continue, as it is a sign of a civilised society where debate can be open and honest.

Friendships are currently being damaged by the non-consultation process that Bedford Borough has instigated. There is a lot of anger amongst our supporters about how the document and meetings present a one-sided, misleading and inaccurate picture and education is being divided into “fors” and “againsts”.

When all this is over, a lot of forgiveness is going to be necessary as we work together for the future of Bedford Borough’s Education system.


One Response to Day 45 – Friendship

  1. SusanF says:

    Sadly it is not just friendship that will be lost, but also something possibly more important – trust.

    How will any of the Lower and Upper school head teachers and governing bodies who have openly and actively supported the change to two tier be able to look pupils and their parents in the eye and honestly say that they are best supporting their educational needs. Through all the half-truths and outright lies that this so-called consultation process has produced, one fact is most definitely clear – all children taught in Bedford Borough throughout the next five or six years will have their education severely and detrimentally disrupted. (Maybe someone can work out for me just how many children this will involve?)

    Every Child Matters? – Not, it seems, if you live in Bedford Borough.

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