Day 38 – Courage

First, an update. Yesterday we had 303 hits, our highest ever on a non-workday. We also breached 6000 hits overall. Great effort everybody; keep coming back, keep talking to people out there – this is a viral campaign so let’s spread out through all our networks and let the decision makers know how we feel – which for most of us is very very very…oh I forgot, it’s Sunday, so let’s reflect again and look at what we’ve achieved.

Courage is inspirational.

Think of Nelson Mandela sitting in a prison cell on Robben Island for 27 years, studying Law by correspondence course and waiting for his chance to change the world…and when he was released and became President of South Africa, he encouraged reconciliation not recrimination. Truly inspirational.

Mahatma Gandhi led non-violent civil disobedience when a young lawyer in South Africa in the early years of last century. Mahatma means “Great Soul” by the way, his real name was Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. In those days the mass demonstrations spread by word of mouth…the modern equivalent being email which is much quicker of course.

Then there is the image of the lone student in Tiananmen Square in 1989, standing in front of a tank. Crazy, courageous behaviour.

Ordinary individuals show courage on a smaller scale every day, from personal stoicism when confronted by an illness or bereavement, through to standing up to bullies in the workplace or on governing bodies.

It also takes an immense amount of personal courage to change one’s position when it has become dogmatic, long after all the intellectual arguments have been countered.

Then there is the alternative definition as described in Yes Minister. When Sir Humphrey Appleby described a decision as “courageous”, Jim Hacker knew he meant it was foolhardy, likely to be very unpopular, and a massive vote-loser.

SMS calls on everyone who reads this blog to be courageous in the days and weeks ahead if we are to reach a creative and collaborative conclusion to this appalling non-consultation process.



One Response to Day 38 – Courage

  1. Maureen says:

    Has anyone read the Letters page in todays BoS?
    If so and you are as angry as I am please please write to the editor. Surely if he is inundated he will have to print at least one of them!!! I cannot believe that a headteacher would actually publicly say Bedford Borough should determine its future, not the schools or parents. What land is this man living in? “Let Bedford Borough decide, professionally and properly….” Is that how they have behaved until now? Not from where I’m standing!

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