Day 35 – And We Want More…

Yesterday there were 574 hits on this blog. By the end of today we will have had more than 5000 in total. Thank you one and all. Keep coming back. Keep telling everyone you know, posting links on Facebook, spreading the news.

We need you to be our eyes and ears and hands and feet. We can’t do this all alone with no resources whatsoever. Remember, when Chris Hilliard, Brian Glover and John Goldsmith present at 4 open meetings next week across the borough, they will be on expenses – paid for by your taxes. We are doing this for free, in our own time, to help save your (and our) children’s education.

There are five more middle school meetings planned – Margaret Beaufort in Riseley on Thursday 18 June at 7pm, and Woodside Middle School on Tuesday 30 June (tbc). We also know that Beauchamp, Newnham and Robert Bruce are working on a date.

What we need you to do now is to email the following schools via their email addresses to request/demand/cajole them into arranging a fair and open democratic debate with both sides invited and also all parents from them and feeder lower schools and anyone else who wants to turn up in fact. They can contact us at to arrange a date when we can be there. Tell them that both sides of the argument aren’t being heard, that the consultation document is one-sided, misleading and inaccurate, that it is their duty to their parents and the community to ensure this debate is two-sided and democratic.

Please do it today. We can win this battle…with YOUR help

Harrold Priory –
Westfield –
Harrowden –
Abbey –
Marston Vale –
Lincroft –
St.Gregory’s –

4 Responses to Day 35 – And We Want More…

  1. Louisa Rix says:

    What is the view of the Bishop of Bedford as Alban is a Voluntary Aided School? I understand that some of the funding comes from the Diocese. Who would I contact at the Bishop’s office to find out? Does the Diocese know how serious the implications are?

    • Leodis says:

      Louisa – the education officer for the diocese of St Albans is Jon Reynolds and the diocesan email is

      As far as I am aware the diocesan view has been one of tacit support for the change as many of the rural lowers are also VA or VC and therefore currently guaranteed to stay open! I also fear that the CofE academy in the south of the county has meant their energies have been put elsewhere meaning their eye has gone off the ball!

  2. ISRAKW says:

    I’ve heard rumours that Biddenham Upper, Westfield and a lower school are in early stages of designing a Yr 1 to Yr 12 Academy! I guess the Head at Westfield doesn’t want to be a hypocrite!

  3. savemiddleschools says:

    That would be the Biddenham Loop Campus – a grandiose project that would see the “Principal” of Biddenham “College” upgraded to “Emperor” of a “Campus”.

    Doesn’t explain why they don’t want both sides of the argument heard in public though – isn’t that what democracy is about when there is a decision to be made that affects us all as parents, taxpayers and voters?

    Or maybe Frank’s mates are going to decide after a few beers – mmm, beer…

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