Day 32 – You have won the lottery !

We all get those emails now, don’t we? The ones that say that you have won some vast amount of money in a national lottery in Mexico…and swine flu is the past tense of pigs might fly apparently. However, to access this vast sum, you have to transfer a relatively small amount of money (say £1000) first to a numbered bank account in the Cayman Islands, and then riches beyond your wildest dreams will be yours, you can have houses, cars, brand new schools with shining happy pupils…

…that’s what has happened. Everyone has pound signs in front of their eyes. They’re all blind to the facts that the money probably isn’t there in the quantities that they say it is, that council borrowing will have to go through the roof to meet even conservative estimates of what they will need to spend, and…actually…all those Headteachers are going to be bitterly disappointed when they have demoralised staff, confused pupils, overcrowded schools that lack appropriate facilities, and temporary classrooms for years…

This happened in Oxford. The money ran out. Restructuring costs were far higher than expected. And then one of the architects of the change suddenly left, disappeared, went away, pursued other interests, spent more time with his family, decided to go and find another air-conditioned office elsewhere…

Because that’s what bureaucrats (and Heads actually) can do. Leave. Vanish. Quit.

Your children can’t.


2 Responses to Day 32 – You have won the lottery !

  1. sarah k says:

    That’s is absolutely correct! Our children, who will be stuck in the middle of this huge disruptive change, don’t deserve unhappy staff, buildings half built and facilties not in place. It won’t be any point telling them (or me) that things will get better eventually…(even though I doubt that) they only have one chance at an education. They deserve the best. Leave our schools alone!

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