Day 31 – Honour

Sundays are a time for reflection for all of us, to see family and friends, to enjoy the sunshine. SMS today follows the theme of last Sunday in reflecting on the campaign and, in particular, honouring two individuals who might have had an influence if they were still with us.

Dave Lewis, the local Labour group leader who died in April, was by all accounts a larger than life character who might have been right behind the fight of local parents to overturn an apparently “done-deal” (it isn’t by the way – shout it loud over the rooftops – we are making headway on a number of fronts). Dave, SMS are sad you aren’t here to advise, listen and have a beer with us.

Graham Last, the Education Officer who died in late 2008, was one of the architects of the pre-bid planning for £340M of BSF funding. Whilst SMS does not agree at all with the way in which this money is going to be wasted in Bedford, we recognise the massive achievement of Graham (with Chris Hilliard and Brian Glover) of accessing the promise of this money at all, especially in the current financial climate.

SMS would like to honour Graham’s memory by working tirelessly with Chris and Brian to submit a bid for three tier BSF funding later this year. Together we can achieve great things. Collaboration is always better than conflict. What do you say Chris?


Blog news: We are now no.1 search if you google – save middle schools – and this is remarkable if you think about it, businesses pay a lot of money for this type of thing. And we are getting 1000 hits a week.

New poll: One local politician is listening to us at least. Doug McMurdo, who is standing for Sharnbrook ward, has put a poll on his website. Why not give him some feedback?

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