Day 30 – The Peers School, Oxford

Peers school in Oxford is one of 638 “failing” secondaries. Last summer, only 19% of its pupils got five GCSE grades at A*-C, including English and maths, easily the lowest in Oxfordshire and well below the government’s 30% threshold for acceptability.

Peers, though, was always fighting against the odds…When Oxford’s middle-school system was abandoned in 2003, Peers faced the upheaval of reverting to an 11-18 school. It was one whammy too many.

Nearly 700 children joined the school in three days, of whom nearly a third had acute levels of need. The school’s approach in the past had been based on giving autonomy and responsibility to an older age group, and it wasn’t prepared for the challenge of dealing with less mature pupils.

Perhaps some of the politicians, local authority officers and civil servants responsible for the succession of upheavals that afflicted Peers should feel uneasy, too. (Peter Wilby writing in the The Grauniad, June 2008).

Furthermore, in 2005, 2 years after the change, only 10% of its pupils got five GCSE grades at A*-C, including English and maths !

In July 2008, The Peers School was closed and re-opened in September as The Oxford Academy (“Learning and Leading for the World of Tomorrow” – bet that was written by a bureaucrat in a comfy office well away from the real world)

If you replace the name Peers with John Bunyan or Hastingsbury, then this could happen in Bedford, where three year groups are planned to go to the new secondary schools in September 2014.

This isn’t scare mongering. It is the future of education in Bedford if we allow the unelected bureaucrats and our maverick mayor to ignore public opinion.



2 Responses to Day 30 – The Peers School, Oxford

  1. JamesD says:

    John Bunyan is already to be closed and will become an Academy. Hastingsbury is in the group of the worst 10% performing schools in England with only 28% achieving 5 GCSE inc Eng & Maths in 2008. In backing the Bedford Borough plans for 2-Tier schooling the Headteacher of Hastingsbury is willing to give up his priority for BSF funds to Sharnbrook (73% 5 GCSE inc Eng & Maths). The same Headteacher is perpetuating the false information that “BSF funds rely on a change to 2-Tier”. What pressures have been exerted on this Headteacher to conform to the crazy plans of our appointed Mayor and his appointed bureaucrats?

  2. jenny Mosedale says:

    i am amazed at the number of people who still seem to think that this will not happen. We must all stand up and be counted! That includes all the middle school teachers who I know love working in this envoronment. We live in a democracy- get your selves heard for goodness sake….. sitting on the fence and expecting others to do it for you is not an option. Thank you to all the people who have spent hours in meetings and on the computer. We will be successful.

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