Day 29 – Lower Schools

In 2006 during the consultation exercise, 70% of lower school Headteachers supported the retention of three tier education county wide. In 2009, the figures are as yet unknown, but it appears that many of them have changed their mind and now want to change to two tier.

So why would they do that?

Well the education bureaucrats and the mayor have been very clever about this. They have promised that (almost) every lower school will become a primary school, thereby guaranteeing the future of those schools. They have also said that loadsa money is there for new buildings, even new schools in 5-10 cases…and now I have an image of Frank Branston as Harry Enfield’s character from the 80s – I really must get more sleep you know…

So it’s a no-brainer for lower school Heads and Chairs of Governors. They want to protect their world. They think they’re doing the best for their pupils and their communities. They want to believe in brand new shiny buildings and happy, carefree children dancing joyfully in the sunshine and all getting better results instantaneously…

…except £60M isn’t going to pay for all that…even if £60M is really available for the primary sector…and even that involves a large amount of borrowing at local level…which will raise YOUR council tax…

So the more likely version of reality is that of crowded sites not designed to be primary schools, “temporary” classrooms, and lack of appropriate facilities for older children.

This is an impending disaster – please help us stop it by TAKING ACTION TODAY.

And don’t forget to come to the public meetings next week at:
Daubeney Middle in Kempston (6:30 on Monday 1st June)
Alban Middle in Great Barford (7:00 on Tuesday 2nd June)
Goldington Middle in Bedford (7:00 on Wednesday 3rd June)

2 Responses to Day 29 – Lower Schools

  1. NN says:

    The questions to be asked: Is this money promised? How is it going to be split between the lowers? What happens if the money runs out before the building programme is finished? Will this therefore be added to council tax bills? There are too many questions without answers as far as where this money is going to come from is concerned.

  2. KenD says:

    In Bedford Borough a Middle School with 520 places and a Lower School 280 places are adjacent to each other. When the money inevitably runs out that leaves space for 370 more primary pupils on the combined site. Which of the other local Lower Schools will close instead of becoming a Primary?

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