Day 27 – Politics & Bureaucrats

Yesterday Alistair Burt responded to pressure from SMS and our supporters by urgently seeking a meeting with Schools’ Minister Jim Knight over BSF funding. In his press release Alistair also added “before there is any change of such importance I would like to ensure that key questions have been raised as the debate and consultation must be fair, and not leading inevitably to the conclusion of two tier as it seems to be.”

SMS welcomes this move and urges Patrick Hall and Nadine Dorries also to retain open minds. We are united in our dismay at the one-sided way that Bedford Borough have organised this non-consultation exercise and are looking forward to sharing the public platform at the 6 official consultation evenings so that we can give our evidence concerning this complex issue. SMS will be meeting with Chris Hilliard and Brian Glover on Friday 5th June in order to finalise the arrangements for the consultation meetings and lay the ground rules for fair and open debate. We are all highly enthusiastic about this opportunity, which we are sure that Chris and Brian will offer readily.

Maybe they aren’t such bad guys after all? Maybe they do have open minds? Maybe they have an alternative vision for the future which supports the evolution of three tier education over the next 30 years rather than the revolution of a massive disruptive and underfunded change to two tier? Or maybe the price of bacon just went up?

Also a quote today from a local election candidate on the streets of Putnoe. She said…”an awful lot of people seem to be talking about education”…yes, that’s right…they are…and they’re going to vote for politicians who support their view…time to come off the fence and support our education system guys.

You can write to your local election candidates or even knock on their doors. Here are their addresses to help you.

And don’t forget to sign our online petition. We’re nearly over 500 signatures and we have many many more on our written petitions. And the fight has only really just begun…

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