Day 24 – A Day to Reflect

So a lot has happened during the past month. We formed a campaign group which is composed of an incredibly diverse set of individuals with a formidable array of skills, set up this blog (thanks big guy, you know we never do naming here, but I’ve rewarded you in another way…), ensured we have an identity (great logo, again you know who you are and you probably think you haven’t done much so far, but this has made a huge impact), made strategic alliances with other more experienced groups around the world, compiled an incredible body of research and, most importantly, kept the momentum going.

Anybody who has ever done anything like this will understand how difficult that last one is. It takes a lot of energy. It takes a lot of belief. And it takes us away from our families and friends. But in the process we have all made some good friends, through a strong commitment to a common cause.

Not everything has gone completely right. It never does. And we have all made mistakes. And for mine, I’m always sorry.

But why we’re doing this is that we feel Bedford Borough Unitary Authority is going to make the biggest mistake of its very short life if it goes against the wishes of taxpayers and voters.

So let’s keep spreading the word – handing out those leaflets, creating a buzz outside school gates, at village fetes, on the side of pitches watching our children play school sport (that will be going under two tier…) – anywhere, anytime, anyplace.

The council and lower/upper schools (vested interests remember) are using taxpayers’ money to distribute what we believe to be propoganda.

We are the little guys, the ones fighting the bureaucratic machine, the ones with no money (although donations are starting to trickle in now), the ones who need every little bit of help we can get.

One Response to Day 24 – A Day to Reflect

  1. sarah k says:

    What you have done is totally fantastic! Thank you for keeping our spirits up! We are not going to be pushed around by the big guys, it’s up to us to keep fighting for the schools we believe in.

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