Day 22 – Massive Disruptive Change

One of the most common things SMS hears is “I grew up in a two tier system and it was fine”, so what are you all worried about.

It took a 10 year-old pupil (you know who you are and I’m very proud of you) to come up with the succinct and precise argument against this. He said “They grew up in a two tier system that had been stable for 20 years”.

That’s it, isn’t it. It might be alright in 20 years’ time. It won’t be for the poor children who go through this chaotic and undrefunded change. There will be disruption on a huge scale and a generation of children will be affected.

Remember, every Education Authority that has changed from three tier to two tier has suffered a drop in educational standards. Northamptonshire went two tier about 5 years’ ago; it is the worst performing Education Authority in the country right now.

Every Child Matters is the mantra in Education now. Quite right. Every Child Matters – including those IN the system that changes.

This is not a done deal – that is a complete and utter myth. We can change this by voicing our concerns loudly.

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2 Responses to Day 22 – Massive Disruptive Change

  1. Debbie says:

    Heard you on heart radio this morning driving into work. Well done! Myself and my family support you 100%. Having only moved here a few years ago my children have experienced both two and three tier systems and I can quite honestly say that I feel that my younger two children, who have been in the three tier system have benefitted greatly. Keep up the good fight.

  2. steve says:

    The 3 tier system enables specialist teachers to teach younger ages, Year 5 as opposed to Year 7. The number of children participating in school sport will be dramatically cut under a 2 tier system. Every middle school runs a football team/rugby team. This mean standards of within sport will fall as will the participation rates. Take Year 8 for example, 15 teams, where the sport is a priority for the school as it is the oldest year group, to 7 upper schools where they are the younger age group. I think the current system is better.
    We all complain that children grow up to quickly, yet we are proposing to send our 11 year olds to huge educational institutes.
    One of the reasons given for change is that there is a declining number of middle schools nationally. So what! Who wrote this document and believes that is a coherent argument for change.
    Also the document states that there is growing support for change within the upper school Heads. Well of course there will be, if they get more children they get more money! The lower school heads are in the same position.
    Are you happy that a whole cohort of children will be disrupted by the change, or is this acceptable collateral damage as the change is made. I bet the Harpur trust schools are looking forward to all their new customers.
    You have come out with lots of data to show that standards fall throughout their educational years. However, Bedford has 7 upper schools but 6 independent schools, taking out a significant number of children who would have been in the state system at their younger ages. Those children, statistically will be high achieving, just look at the Harpur trust exam results, as those children are not in the state system elevating the results

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