Day 21 – Freedom of Speech

Yesterday afternoon, the public consultation document for the change to two-tier education was released in the public domain. Click here to read.

The consultation provides for 6 public meetings where Chris Hilliard, Brian Glover and John Goldsmith will present the case for changing to two tier.

Save Middle Schools demands the right to share the platform at these consultation meetings and to present the alternative view to ensure that this is a fair and even-handed debate.

Furthermore we call for the final decision to be made by local referendum before the end of July as then the mayor and his unelected officers will discover what the taxpayers and voters of Bedford Borough really think of this issue.

Two of the basic tenets of democracy are Freedom of Speech and the Right to be Heard.

Support us by attending these meetings, writing letters to, and signing our online petition.

Monday 8 June 2009
Biddenham Upper School and Community College

Tuesday 9 June 2009
Harrowden Middle School

Wednesday 10 June 2009
Wootton Upper School

Thursday 11 June 2009
Sharnbrook Upper School

Monday 15 June 2009
Mark Rutherford Upper School

Monday 22 June 2009
Hastingsbury Business and Enterprise College


3 Responses to Day 21 – Freedom of Speech

  1. sarah k says:

    Can’t understand why it wouldn’t seem sensible for this to happen. Surely people are confident about their arguments, so they would welcome an opportunity to debate with people with an opposite view?

  2. Ken Deveson says:

    Inspite of the public and on record statements by the Executive Director for Childrens’ Services, Schools and Families of Bedford Borough Council that BSF funds are NOT dependent on a change to 2-Tier. The Upper School and Lower School Headteachers in Kempston have written to all of their parents saying that BSF funds may not be available if we remain 3-Tier.
    Either they have been misled, by whom? or just why are they perpetuating this falsehood?

  3. Michael Headley says:

    You should demand that the schools send out a correction. Parents deserve to make their choice based upon accurate information.

    I can confirm that the Director of Children’s Services has said clearly that the BSF money is NOT dependent on changing to 2-Tier.

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