Day 18 – Suffolk – the Parents’ Revolt continues…


What are you doing on June 4th?

We have the chance to save our Middle Schools by voting out the existing Conservative administration which have continued to embark upon the ill thought out changes to schooling in Suffolk despite this appearing to be madness to the person in the street.

However in the forthcoming elections, we all have a chance to do something about this – but only if we get out to the ballot box, and this time the Councillors won’t be able to ignore us! The main opposition parties are commited to calling a halt to the process on the grounds that we can’t afford it and giving the people of Suffolk a real chance for their views to be heard.

The PAC website has been relaunched and will continue to be revamped over the next few weeks leading up to the election.

Take a look at the website and pass this message onto your friends – we can save Suffolk’s Middle Schools.

More details to follow soon… in the meantime, spread the word.

Steve Cowper
on behalf of Parents Against Change

Suffolk parents have not given up – neither will we – candidates in the local elections should beware !

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