Day 17 – Is this a real consultation?

This week the consultation document will be published. It will provide for a very limited consulation period of about 9 weeks and will propose that we move to a 2-tier system of education in Bedford Borough. It will say that the council education officials and Mayor support this change but they will listen to the views of the local taxpayers and electorate.

Make no mistake – you will need to shout very loudly if these people are going to listen.

There is also a difference between hearing views and listening to them.

Consultation should be an unbiased period of reflection where both sides of the argument are heard and critically questioned.

SMS calls for our voice to be heard and listened to by the electorate and for there then to be a local referendum to decide this issue.

Make sure you use your vote wisely in the forthcoming local elections – vote for a candidate who will support open debate and not a spurious consultation.

Help us to achieve our aims by writing letters of support to the Times and Citizen (, signing our petition, and spreading the word about our campaign.


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