Day 16 – Middle School Teachers

Middle School teachers are hardworking, intelligent and caring professionals who have been undermined for years. Most of them did not train as Middle School teachers – they are Primary or Secondary trained – but realised at some point in their careers the value of teaching in Middle Schools.

So a job advert for a new post could attract a Primary specialist wishing to specialise with slightly older children or a Secondary specialist not wanting to be in an “exam factory”. The pool of potential candidates is wider than in most posts.

There is no evidence that the lack of Middle Years teacher training courses is causing a teacher recruitment crisis in Bedford Borough Middle Schools – it is much more likely that a council that has destabilised our Middle Schools by implying that they will close has been responsible for this – if this problem exists at all, as we have no evidence that teacher recruitment is any more difficult here than anywhere else !

There are something like 350 teachers employed in our Middle Schools in Bedford Borough. What will happen to them? How many will decide to leave the profession, this being the one last straw? How many will decamp to prep schools, which are still providing excellence in Middle Years education all over the UK. How many will be forced to move to a Primary or Secondary against their will, and experience turmoil in their own careers?

We need to support our Middle School teachers – help us to stop this unnecessary turmoil.


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