Day 15 – Stability or Chaos?

At the heart of our opposition’s argument is an incorrect and illogical idea – that our middle schools are failing and that is why we must change to 2-tier.

Failing on what basis?

On some biased statistics showing alleged lack of progress between KS1 and KS2, or on Ofsted reports that show consistently that Middle Schools provide excellence in pastoral care?

A happy and stable educational environment for children results in mature and confident adults. Surely that is much more important in life than KS2 test averages anyway, even if we did trust the figures?

There are around 30000 school-aged children currently in Bedford Borough. A generation of children will have their education disrupted by a change of school system.

If you want to prevent this massive disruption, you need to act now. Write to the Times and Citizen today, use your vote wisely in the local elections, sign the online petition.


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