Day 14 – Money, Money, Money

If you were bankrupt, you wouldn’t be allowed to borrow more money to tear down your 1970s 3-bed semi to replace it with a 2-bed flat on the promise of a government grant in 5 years’ time – and if you did tear your house down without the guarantee of that grant, you might end up living in a tent for years and years…

What is being suggested for Bedford education is much worse than this though…we will be borrowing money against the sale of prime real estate – the house builders and supermarkets of the country must be rubbing their hands with glee.

How many of us believe that this authority has done its sums right…or even done any sums at all? The taxpayers of Bedford might be paying for this expensive and unnecessary change for years through their council tax.

Nobody starts a massive capital project when they are bankrupt. The next government is almost certain to slash the Building Schools for the Future fund and, if we are already committed to change, then this would be disastrous for everyone, and not just children, teachers and parents.

We can change this decision – it is not a done deal – there is such a thing as democracy – write letters, talk to your local election candidates, support our campaign.

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