Day 13 – North Tyneside – a 3-tier BSF application

For Building Schools for the Future funding, the criteria used by the Department for Children Schools and Families in prioritising one authority versus another are:

Social and Educational need (e.g. Underperforming schools, Areas of deprivation )
Building need (suitability and/or condition)
Contribution towards local or regional regeneration
School re-organisation (where population shifts have happened for example)
Sustainable communities and new housing and population growth.

Where does it say here that BSF funding is dependent on a change to “2-tier”?

North Tyneside were mindful of all of these criteria and their balanced approach to securing BSF funds has seen the emergence of 2 school systems.

A 2-tier system operates in 5 areas and a 3-tier system (Lower, Middle, Upper) operates in 2 areas

Parents can move their children between the two systems if they so wish.

BSF funding is not dependent on any county adopting any particular school system – it is a myth


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