Day 12 – 2-tier is not inevitable

One of the most disheartening comments we have heard in the past two (very long) weeks is that “They’ve decided already“, “We might as well do it“, “They’ll only try again in 18 months’ time“, “Just embrace change“…well, if you don’t stand up to local bureaucrats, then this is exactly what will happen…

We are not luddites, but massive and disruptive change always needs to be justified with overwhelming evidence for that change.

There is no such overwhelming evidence. There is no good evidence. There isn’t even any poor evidence. There just isn’t any evidence whatsoever.

If you want to stop this disaster happening to our schools and communities, lobby council election candidates to make a commitment to three-tier education today.

Sign the petition

Lobby your local councillor

Write to the Times & Citizen

3 Responses to Day 12 – 2-tier is not inevitable

  1. Matt says:

    Tony – the link to the No 10 Petition doesn’t seem to work.

    • savemiddleschools says:

      Now links to the Schools’ Action Group page which has links to the petition and list of election candidates amongst other information

  2. “It is the perennial youthfulness of mathematics itself which marks it off with a disconcerting immortality from the other sciences.” – scientist quote

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