Day 10 – 2,3 or 4 tier?

One off the myths we are being told is that negative transition effects lead to underperformance of children in the 3-tier system…

Apart from being unsupported by evidence (see the Day 4 blog on Suffolk), most of the country does not use 2-tier…sometimes it is actually 4-tier – infant (4-7), junior (7-11), secondary (11-16), and colleges (16-19).

In North Bedfordshire, half the children will end up in a different form of 3-tier after the change. Those that attend Lincroft (11-16) would then have to go to Sharnbrook or Bedford College for 16-19 education. Now that really is crackers…

And parents and schools everywhere should beware that this marks the beginning of the end for school sixth forms (which are expensive). How long before sixth form colleges become the norm with their economies of scale

Hmm…better not move jobs and change house then either…speaking as somebody who attended 2 different infant schools, 2 different junior schools, a junior high school and a senior high school before going to University…


2 Responses to Day 10 – 2,3 or 4 tier?

  1. John Burness says:

    One of the prime arguments against the 11+ exams was that this was the WRONG time to assess a child & change Schools. This was emphasised by the fact that most 11 year-olds found it frightening to be suddenly thrown into a school with “Big-Kids”.

    I really cannot understand why it is proposed to revert to the “Changing Schools at 11+” concept! This is a retrograde decision.

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