Day 8 – What Consultation?

Today the Head & Chair of Governors of every school in Bedford Unitary Authority – around 80 of them – received an email to circulate to every member of staff and every governor. So if you work in one of those schools, or are a governor, and you haven’t receive the email, ask them why? Perhaps it didn’t get through the firewall or emails aren’t being checked very regularly?

We have asked that Middle Schools in conjunction with their feeder Lower Schools organise open and well-publicised consultation debates with parents that we will be invited to so that the other side of the debate can be heard.

Consultation should mean consultation – and parents need to have information about what this change will mean for them and their children. We believe it could be chaotic – underfunded, disorganised and destructive for children, teachers and communities.

We are sleepwalking into a potential nightmare of our own making.

Ask your school when your consultation will be.

Find out what is planned for your child.

Take Action Now

Another Techie Bit
If the RSS feed doesn’t work (see Day 7) then you can go straight to an RSS reader like Google Reader (go to Google and it’s one of the web pages there) and add a subscription to Each time you go back to Google Reader, you’ll then see our updates posted there. You can do this with other web pages too…it’s a bit like a combination of the web and emails…

Or else just keep coming back to this page – it’s just as easy and we like to hear your comments.


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