Day 5 – Everybody else is doing it…

…everyone else is 2-tier, so it must be the best thing for us…?

The first time I heard this argument from a supposedly intelligent person (who shall remain nameless of course – this blog does not believe in naming and shaming) I nearly fell over in surprise. When did “one size fits all” come into education? Where does parental choice come in? And who pays for schools anyway?

Our point here is that change of school system is massively disruptive to children, teachers and communities. It is up to the supporters for change to show there is clear and unequivocal evidence that the benefits of change outweigh the risks. They haven’t. All of their arguments are built on sand and may be exposed as myths. This blog will, day-by-day, challenge these myths and give alternative more realistic views.

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2 Responses to Day 5 – Everybody else is doing it…

  1. Colin Mosedale says:

    18 October 2004 in a letter from David Milliband, Minister for School Standards

    “I can confirm that middle schools are eligible for funding where a three tier system is retained.”

    9 Oct 2005 Stephen Twigg – Parliamentary under Secretary of State for Education and Skills

    “We accept that as a Department that both systems can be effective and we are not aware of any clear research evidence to suggest that one is preferable to the other.”

  2. Roger Sparrow says:

    The 3 tier system works well. At the Royal Burough of Windsor and Maidenhead, when the unitary authority was formed they wanted to make it a two tier system throughout. Parent and voter power won and Windsor has a 3 tier system and Maidenhead has two. The system works well. Don’t disrupt a system that works, my grandchildren, who live in Bedfordshire, are going through the system, as it is, which is to my mind a superior system. DON’T CHANGE IT.

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