Day 4 – Education in Suffolk

Today a quote to explode the myth that Suffolk is a prime example of where two-tier was shown unequivocally to be better than three-tier. Jenny Symonds, a PhD researcher at the University of Cambridge Faculty of Education, published a review of the literature in January 2007 which states:

“…the data put forward by the Suffolk Review (2006), aimed to promote the advantages of a two over three tier system, can be equally used to indicate that the three tier system may actually be outperforming the two tier system with regards to transfer.”

Please use this information to challenge the myths that are being put forward locally…and if clear myths are being repeated even after counter-evidence is produced to show them as myths, does that not come dangerously close to deliberately misleading us?

Spread the word. The fight has just begun for parents’ (tax payers’!) voices to be heard.

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