Day 3 – Education in Northamptonshire

So, do education standards rise when authorities change from three tier to two tier? We are being told they have done in Suffolk as if it is unchallengeable.

Beware of simplistic arguments presented from complex data – it is the last resort of those who are trying to lie with statistics. Complex data result in complex arguments and the Suffolk results after partial change to two tier can, in fact, be used to support three tier education producing better results !

And why are we not focusing on the experience of Northamptonshire, who in Aug 2007 were officially the worst performing Education Authority in the country with the highest number of schools in special measures (25/320), and where one “good” Lower School was judged to be a “failing” Primary School after the change in status.

Northampton Schools After Two-Tier Change

This doesn’t sound like “education standards rise” to me…


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