Day 2 – A Letter to the Editor

So, our letter to the T&C is being edited this morning, incorporating the changes you have all suggested. Our focus in week 1 is in getting our plan together and focusing on the three key myths that are being held up as “the truth” under two-tier schooling. These are:

1. Education would improve – show us the evidence !

2. Building Schools for the Future money is contingent on change – no it isn’t ! And it probably won’t be there for us anyway…

3. Everyone else is doing it, so it must be right – yeah, right ! And that is probably the worst argument for a massive and disruptive change I have ever heard.

Please come with ideas to our meeting. Decisions need to be made quickly.

One Response to Day 2 – A Letter to the Editor

  1. sarah k says:

    Everyone else is doing it is also not true! The county where I went to school still has grammar schools, surprisingly they are under no pressure to change system. Our system allows children to be children for longer and gives them opportunities to develop.

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