Day 1 – Launching SMS

So here we are again…fighting to save our middle schools…just written to the Times & Citizen and hope to speak to Ben Raza later today…keep in touch everyone…public news only to go here though…messages of support very welcome, expecially as I will then know you have found this blog !

(later in the day) Spoken to Ben at T&C – he must be OK – he’s a marathon runner – and when we’d stopped talking about running, we had a chat about schools for a couple of minutes. I’ll be sending in a letter responding to the consultation exercise on Sunday so all those who have received it, please reply to my email with comments…or of course leave public messages of support here !


One Response to Day 1 – Launching SMS

  1. sarah k says:

    This is a fantastic idea and I am very glad that somebody has got the ball rolling!
    I am very concerned about the plans to change the school system. I also think that we should write something to the governing bodies of the schools which puts forward the arguments to maintain the current system. They are under a lot of pressure to support change and we should remind them of the arguments against change, the threats to our children’s education and that there is a lot of support for the current system.

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